Joomla! is a free, open source content management system.

The demo is provided and hosted by with consent from the Joomla! Project and Open Source Matters.

Preview Joomla! Before you Launch

Get a sneak peek of what Joomla! has to offer. Simply log into either the front-end or back-end of our Joomla! test site and see what all the fuss is about! 

IMPORTANT: These demo previews reset every 10 minutes. To launch a free 30 day trial of Joomla!, fill out the form on the left side of this page.

Recommended for Most New Sites


Watch a Joomla! Webinar

You can start your Joomla! mission by watching a training webinar designed to help you get started quickly and easily. There are webinars for all levels of Joomla! users.


Launch Unlimited Joomla! Websites

After you register for one free trial of Joomla!, you can launch as many additional demo sites as you'd like, and each demo site is totally free. Create and manage several Joomla! websites from a single account. Log in below if you've already registered for a demo site and you'd like to launch another one.


Need support with your Joomla! demo site? guarantees that you can build a site just like you see in our daily webinars. Submit a support ticket and call the support team for help while building your Joomla! website. 


What happens after 30 days?

You can let the demo expire and it will auto-terminate. If you want to keep the content, upgrade to a paid plan with more hosting features and phone support, or you can create and download a backup file along with the database to upload on another hosting services. You can always launch a new demo trial website.


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