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The demo is provided and hosted by with consent from the Joomla! Project and Open Source Matters.

Demo Trial Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the demo trial last?

Each demo trial of Joomla! lasts for 30 days.

Are all Joomla! functions available during the demo trial?

Yes, the most recent and supported version of Joomla! is used when you launch your demo site and all features and functions are ready for you to use.

Is my demo trial site live on the Internet?

Your demo trial site is live on the Internet on the sub-domain name that you chose when you launched the site. You can bring your site on your own domain name at any point. You will receive a welcome email that has all of the log in information you need.

I did not receive my welcome email. How can I get it?

You can log in to our Cloud Control Panel (CCP) and see a history of emails that have been sent to you. If you still cannot gain access to your site, please call our office at +1-231-421-7160.

How can I learn to use Joomla? suggests that you attend a Free & Live Daily Webinar. Webinars exist for all different levels of Joomla users. You can also watch a recorded webinar online if you’d like to learn at your own pace. There are many other learning opportunities and resources available in the Joomla community. You can visit the Joomla Forum or browse the Joomla Documentation. has developed a vast knowledgebase of how to documents and videos that are also free. The YouTube Channel and the Joomla YouTube Channel also feature many opportunities for learning and discovery.

How many demo sites can I launch?

You can launch unlimited demo trials of Joomla! You don’t have to register for each demo trial. Simply log into the Cloud Control Panel (CCP) to launch an additional demo site.

What happens when the 30 day trial is over?

At the end of the 30 day trial, the site will expire. You have the option to upgrade to a paid hosting plan with, or you can create a backup of your site and download it to your computer so you can launch it on a local host or at a different hosting company.

Why did I go to, but see manages the demo trial of Joomla for the Joomla! Project. provides hosting and support for the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) was selected by the Joomla Project to be the official host of the demo trial of Joomla as a result of a request for proposals process. If you upgrade your account to a paid hosting plan with, 30% of the revenue is shared with the Joomla Project.

Can I have a live domain name for my demo site?

At any point during the 30 day trial you can purchase a domain name through, or if you have already purchased a domain name from a different registrar, you can point that domain name to your Joomla site hosted with Submit a ticket or call to get help.

What type of support is available for demo users?

You can submit a support ticket through your Cloud Control Panel (CCP), and a Cloud Support Engineer can help you resolve some issues you experience with core Joomla features. You can also attend a Free & Live Training Webinar to learn how to use Joomla or watch a recorded version. There are also many other great training options available in the Joomla community.

How much server space does my demo trial have?

Your demo trial of Joomla! comes with 500mb of space for you to use.

How do I get more server space?

If you upgrade to a paid hosting plan with you will receive more server space.

What do you charge for hosting?

Your first Joomla site is $9.95 per month and it activates ticket and phone support along with upgraded hosting features. Any additional site that you would like to have hosted is only $5.00 per month, and it will receive the same amount of support and level of hosting. Read about hosting packages and prices at

Can I access FTP while on the demo trial?

Yes, you can access your demo site using file transfer protocol. Log in to your Cloud Control Panel (CCP) to access your FTP login credentials.

Do I have access to PHPMyAdmin during my 30 day trial?

Yes, you will have access to your MySQL database and database tables during the demo trial. PHPMyAdmin access can be reached by logging into the Cloud Control Panel (CCP).

Do you offer SSH or command line access to your hosting?

Yes, SSH is turned on as a default on all Joomla demo sites. Log in to SSH on port 22 and use the same username and password you received for accessing your site using FTP.

I bought a template and a sample data set, can install it for me? will install just about any template or sample data set for any client who has upgraded to a paid hosting account. For demo accounts, does not offer installation of templates or sample data sets.

How do I install my own Joomla site on a demo account?

Launch a site first and then login to the site using FTP. Locate and save the configuration.php file. This file contains all the login information you will need to do your own custom installation of Joomla. You will want to delete the core Joomla installation that has set up for you, and install your own. If you upgrade to a paid hosting account, we'll help migrate the site for you.

I messed up my demo site. Can it be reset?

Yes, will reset your demo site. Submit a support ticket and our staff can help. We suggest you launch a new 30 day demo in our CCP if you want to start over entirely. You can launch unlimited demo sites. If you end up wanting to keep one of the demo sites upgrade to a paid plan or download it to your disk for safekeeping.

Can I access template.css files during my demo trial?

Yes, you will be able to access the template cascading style sheets for your template during your demo trial using FTP/SFTP.

Can I use templates and 3rd party extensions during the demo trial?

Yes, you will be able to install and configure 3rd party extensions and templates during your demo trial. Visit the Joomla Extensions Directory.

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