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The demo is provided and hosted by with consent from the Joomla! Project and Open Source Matters.

Launching a New Joomla! Website

After registering for an account, you'll be sent to the Cloud Control Panel (CCP). The CCP is the place where you'll manage and maintain your relationship with A number of things can be done here including changing account details and payment information, submitting a support ticket, upgrading or downgrading your account, or adding a contact to the account. To launch a new demo trial of Joomla, click on the "New Product" button.


In the next window, select which type of product you'd like to launch. Click on "Free Demo Hosting" for a free 30 day trial. 


In the next window, click on the "Joomla! Demo" button for a free trial of Joomla.

launch3In the "Domain Options" area, you can elect to register a new domain name, transfer an existing domain name, or point a domain name that you already own to your new Joomla Instance. You can also get a free subdomain - this is a staging URL that is active for the duration of your demo trial. You can always purchase a domain name or point a domain name at any time. If you select the free subdomain option, you'll create the beginning part of the domain and then select from subdomain choices. See the image below for help.


In the "Product Configuration" area, select the version of Joomla that you'd like to launch.


In the "Order Summary" area, review the subdomain for the Joomla Instance you're about to launch and click on the "Checkout" button.


In the "Checkout" area, review your payment method - remember that this is entierly free and you do not need to enter any payment details. You can leave a note about your order here if you'd like. Click on the "Complete Order" button when you're done.


At this point, will launch the demo Joomla 3.2 package for you and connect it to the sub-domain name you created. When it's ready, you will receive an Order Confirmation message that includes a confirmation number and instructions that ask you to check your email. 


The welcome email you'll receive will contain details for accessing the site.

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