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Submitting a Support Ticket

Support for Joomla! demo trial sites is provided by The Cloud Control Panel (CCP) is the place where users can launch unlimited Joomla! sites, submit support tickets, upgrade demo sites to paid hosting accounts, order domain names, and much, much more. Demo customers will receive support for anything covered in our free and live daily webinars. We suggest that all Joomla! users register for one of our free webinar sessions as you get started. Phone support is reserved for paid hosting clients who also receive advanced levels of support for a variety of issues they experience while developing their site.

Even though support is just a phone call away, we do ask that our clients submit support tickets prior to calling. It helps our engineers a great deal if they are able to pull up a ticket as you call in. This can speed up the process of identifying and fixing the problem you are experiencing. You can also submit a support ticket without calling. Either on the phone or online we are ready to help.

To submit a support ticket, log into the CCP and click on the "New Ticket" button.


Select the appropriate department for your ticket. This helps our staff to organize support tickets, resulting in a more efficient and timely response.

submitticket2 The information that you may be asked to provide will vary from Department to Department as detailed below. Remember that it is always useful to be able to see things as you see them, so submitting a screenshot with your ticket can be very helpful. Departments

Joomla! Support: Select Joomla! Support if you have any questions about core Joomla! functionality.
Hosting Support: Select Hosting Support Department if you have questions about hosting & support packages offered by
Domain Name Change: Select Domain Name Change if you want to change your domain to .com, .org, .net, etc. instead of the sub-domain name that you used to launch your site initially.
As you may have seen, some departments have custom fields that need to be filled in order for your request to be processed. Below is a list of required information for each department's support ticket. We have included a few tips below to help you complete the migration form.

CloudMail: Select CloudMail if you have any questions about the integrated CloudMail service offered by

Restore Backup: Select Restore Backup if you would like us to restore your site from a recent backup. The site may have broken somehow, or you may want to revert some work you have done. Either way, we are happy to restore your site for you. Restores come at no additional fee.
Billing: Select Billing for all payment and invoice-related questions/requests. When submitting a ticket to Billing, make sure that you include an invoice number.
Sales: Select Sales if you have questions about the various products offered by or if you'd like to learn more about the Professional Services offered through the platform.
Joomla! Import: Select Joomla! Import when you have a Joomla Instance hosted elsewhere and you would like to move it to hosting. We have included a few tips below to help you complete the migration form.

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