Multilingual websites in Joomla!

Everything you need to run a multilingual website is in the Joomla! core

Use Joomla! in your language

Learning a new software suite can be challenging - especially when you have to use it in a non-native language. Thankfully, with Joomla it is really easy to use the software with the language of your choice. The Joomla community has produced a number of language packs for Joomla 2.x and Joomla 3.x that you can use. All you have to do is download a language pack and add it to your installation.

See Joomla! Admin in several languages

We set up a demo 2.5 Joomla website with a selection of popular languages for you to test. Log in to the admin panel using one of the credential sets below.

Language Username Password
English (en-GB) multidemo_en multidemo_en
Français (fr-FR) multidemo_fr multidemo_fr
Español (es-ES) multidemo_es multidemo_es
Deutsch (de-DE) multidemo_de multidemo_de
Italiano (it-IT) multidemo_it multidemo_it
Македонски (mk-MK) multidemo_mk multidemo_mk
தமி (ta-IN) multidemo_ta multidemo_ta

*Please note: No changes in the content of the website can be made

Joomla! Admin Panel Login

See a multilingual website

Joomla! comes with built in capabilities to create a multilingual website. No additional plugins and components need to be installed in order to be able to translate your website. Check out this demo installation of Joomla to see how multilingual websites work. Click on the country flags in the left-hand navigation to see how websites look in different languages.

Preview Multilingual Site

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